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Whatever your printed apparel needs may be, Thermaprint has the solution.

Thermaprint offers customers the finest heat transfers on a wide variety of products and garments. Our fabric transfer paper and custom t-shirt prints boast brilliant, clear images that can readily be applied to several materials in as little as four seconds. Our heat transfer products boast superb, clear pictures that can easily be applied to several substances in as little as four seconds. For over three decades Thermaprint has been leading the charge in providing team and business owners with high quality t-shirt printing services and fabric transfer paper products. Our heat transfer products are designed to work with cotton, non-woven polypropylene, polyesters, nylons and todays anti-wicking performance fabrics. We’re not in the habit of shying away from custom design opportunities.

Superior Fabric Transfer Paper Technology

transfer paper, ThermaPrintSince creating our first round of promo goods back in 1985, we’ve worked to master the skill of heat transfers on clothing and products for brands and companies. Garment and apparel printing has changed a lot over time. Innovations in technology have created a wide variety of blends and have changed the way fabrics are made. Thermaprint has worked hard to adapt to with the ever changing garment and materials market.

We’ve mastered the art of heat transfers on newer fabrics and blends. We have succeeded in conquering all heat transfer techniques that new materials need. It is that expertise and worth customers have come to expect as an essential part of the Thermaprint brand. Our uniformity has afforded us the chance to cement our reputation as an industry leader in production and the development of heat applied transfers and t-shirt transfer paper for clothing in the sports and promotional industries.

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Flawless Heat Transfers & Fabric Transfer Paper Products

When was the last time you considered choosing custom heat transfers to promote for your brand, business or organization? It’s not just about serving up printed cotton t-shirts, hats and canvas bags. Custom heat transfers can be used to brand a wide selection of objects. Big businesses advertise and promote their brand, so should you! 

Custom Fabric Transfer Logos for Businesses and Brands

  • Thermaprint offers full color heat transfer services with full front and back printing on apparel items. You have your choice of design options. We work with thousands of suppliers to ensure we can deliver precisely the product you need to support your marketing efforts.
  • Our broad network gives you access to a variety of branding talent, expertise and technology. It also helps us to make sure you receive top quality heat transfer services in a reasonable amount of time and at the best possible price.
  • Use your own logo or take advantage of our design services and have custom artwork made just for your heat transfer project. We can fill any order.
transfer paper, ThermaPrint

Our Thermaprint Team

There is something to be said for longevity. Thermaprint has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of heat applied transfers for novelties and apparel. Find out our secret. We’re specialists in heat. Whether your job calls for custom images or stock images, small orders or large orders, our assignment would be to provide you with the right heat transfer and t-shirt transfer paper products to satisfy your needs.

There’s a generally-held belief that’s certainly accurate for Thermaprint… inspiration begins with a team’s direction. Our leaders, Gary Larsen and Artie Villegas, have more than half a century of combined experience in the garment decorating industry. They’ve been in the business long enough to see businesses and trends spark, shimmer and die out. They’ve accumulated enough successes to comprehend the industry and this business in and outside and have directed this firm through rough times. In short, they are masters of the craft and that’s part of what makes Thermaprint an industry leader in heat transfers and heat transfer paper.

  • We produce a varied menu of ink systems for the screen print and litho (Photo Real) market.
  • We offer several ink technologies in PVC and Non PVC ink systems.
  • Our products can be supplied in cut-piece or in a reel-to-reel format.

We offer many products and services and we are positive we can meet your exact need. Due to the varying custom options we offer, each project requires a different level of expertise. We’d love to get your project started, and hope to hear from you soon!


 Thermaprint can accurately replicate the most popular sports brands in the world for your licensed apparel needs. For decades, we have successfully navigated the sometimes-tough terrain of reproducing logos, trademarks, registered symbols and insignias for our customers. We respect the value of a brand well-built and take the necessary precautions to ensure we uphold a high standard in producing superbly-crafted heat transfer products which protect the integrity of your brand as well as our own.
Boost Your Brand With Custom Heat Transfer Services & Fabric Transfer Paper Products

Depending on your line of work, products and target audience, you may be able to come up with a nice menu of promo items that are just right for our custom heat transfer services. The best marketing and promotional materials are all about finding fun ideas to keep your brand and message in front of your target audience. You can create products your customers will love with a little bit of creativity and the boldness to step away from tradition.

Partner up with the design team at Thermaprint to help you create a visual marketing campaign that gives your brand that extra energy.

Visit Thermaprint today to see what our intuitive staff of heat transfers and brand management specialists can do for the brand identity of your business.

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