Service. Technology. Quality.

For nearly thirty years, Thermaprint Corporation has led the charge to deliver unparalleled service, competitive pricing and superior quality products to customers in need of heat applied graphics.

Since serving up our very first promo product back in 1985, we have worked tirelessly to master the art of Heat Transfer products. Our consistency has afforded us the opportunity to cement our reputation as an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of heat applied transfers for the apparel, promotional and sports industries.

Garment printing has changed significantly over the years. Innovations in technology have produced nuances in the way fabrics are made. We have mastered the techniques that new fabrics require and have succeeded and overcoming all obstacles.

We know our stuff…

It is that expertise customers have come to expect and respect as an essential part of the Thermaprint brand.

About, ThermaPrint

Our Team

There’s a commonly-held belief that inspiration starts with a team’s leadership and that’s absolutely true for Thermaprint Corporation. Our leaders, Gary Larsen and Artie Villegas, have more than half a century of combined experience in the garment decorating industry. They have been in the industry long enough to see both trends and companies spark, shimmer and die out. They’ve guided this company through tough times and stacked enough successes to understand both our industry and this business inside and out.

In short, they are masters of the craft and that’s part of what makes Thermaprint an industry leader.